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About relationships

Every day we meet new people and every time we take out something important for ourselves. Any person isn’t met by us in vain. Someone tests us, someone gives us a lesson, someone helps to receive new skills and knowledge, and someone makes us to become better and this is the most valuable thing.

In the relationships we receive as much as we can give. If you want understanding, try to understand. Everything comes back is a simple formula which works at all times.

It isn't also necessary to fight for a place in human life. Love can't be ordered, but many people forget this simple and a very wise truth. Never try to win the space in life of other person. After all you can't know for certain, whether it is necessary or not.

Building the relationships is always a hard work as well as their further development. They demand active participation of all involved parties. Sincerity, reciprocity and respect are those bases without which any relationships will fail.

It is necessary to be able to forgive. Many people consider the forgiveness as a sign of weakness. But words "I forgive you" do not mean that at all. They mean more – "I won't allow the past to spoil the future and the present therefore I forgive you and I release all offenses".

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