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College life

College life Ė what can sounds more exciting for a young person? Many people have been waiting this time since school. Then the school-leavers shall pass the entrance exams. And finally, one turns from an applicant into a first-year student. I did it! I entered; I got in to the university! Do you remember this feeling? I do.

But just to pass the exams Ė itís not quite enough, because we need to definite our objects in the life. Which college will be yours? The Teacherís Training University? The Medical University? The Technical University? Or it will be the Art School? The world is full of specialties and professions, thatís why everyone can find something for himself.

Finally, all thoughts are left behind and everyone has chosen what he liked most. The first thing every student will face at the first of September is a teaching staff. How many people work for the sake of our education: professors, assistant professors, senior lectures, lectures, tutors, heads of departments, subdeans and the dean. What respectable people are they! And donít forget about the rector or the vice-rector. All of them come every day for us.

Many people think that the university is much easier to study than school. But itís a big mistake. From the very first classes the avalanche of home assignments falls on us. We have to keep late hours if we want to manage to keep pace with the curriculum. But if one accidental misses something, he has to catch up instead hanging out with his friends.

As for me, my studies keep me busy all day long. I have 10 hours of English a week, in spite of many seminars and lectures. My favorite subjects are history and English, because they make my brain in fit.

Then many students start to give up the education. At first they cease to do their home work, and then miss classes. Many of these people drop out of university, but, basically, they will be expelled. We need to make right decision and get through this time.

But even independently of oneís decision the examination period comes very soon. Someone will be crammed; someone will drill till late night. At that time we almost forget about sweet dreams because twenty-four hours a day we are preparing for our exams.

So, the first session is behind. Everyone is truly overexcited. It is always the day of smiles and tears: some may say I have passed, while someone is going to resit.

But itís just the beginning. The summer session will be waiting for us, and if everything will be alright, we will be the sophomores. I always say: hard to learn, easy in a battle. I firmly believe that itís undisputed truth. I wish good luck to every students.

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