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Seven assumptions about the origin of the word «OK»

1. The most common assumption is that OK was the birthplace of U.S. President Martin Van Buren - Kinderhook, New York. Van Buren chose a nickname Old Kinderhook, leading to the hype «Old Kinderhook is OK" to his campaign in 1840, distributed by the Democratic Party, whose members were young and active Americans.

2. The second assumption is that the expression OK appeared to indicate an abbreviated term «oll korrect», which appeared as a joke (incorrect spelling of English «all correct», which means "all right") in the Boston newspaper in 1839. Another similar hypothesis is that U.S. President Andrew Jackson used this expression when making administrative decisions. He wrote, «all correct» German style «oll korrekt», or in short, «OK».

3. Also extended version of German origin. Proofreaders, who send articles ahead of print in the newspapers, in the absence of revisions set to be a mark «OK», «ohne Korrektur», that is, "with no proof."

There are also less common, so-called "folk" version of the origin of OK

4. For example, the French believed that the phrase emerged during the war, when the daily report of casualties wrote "0 killed» («zero dead"), which, for brevity, have to say «OK» («Oh Kay"). And later this expression has become a commonly used British pilots during the Second World War, when they reported to the base, they have no losses, and there are no problems with the aircraft.

5. Another version is that «OK" comes from the modern Greek «OLA KALA», an expression used by Greek sailors and handlers of rails in the United States, who noted these two letters on the track labeled "all right, everything is going well," and so n .

6. Oklahoma residents claim that «OK» is an abbreviation of writing their home state, received during a campaign.

7. There is also a version that appearance is associated with the emergence of container shipping. The duties of a longshoreman included labeling of containers "all in safety» (All Keep), incorrectly abbreviated to OK.

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