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Prisoner gets two years

A cleaning company manager who put weed killer into the drink of a young assistant was jailed for two years . Peter Tyrell, who had worked blamelessly for 20 years for the "Cleenol" company in Banbury, Oxon, twice added sodium chlorate and borax to Lorraine Palmer’s drinks.

Tyrell, 47, of Chipping Norton, Oxon, denied poisoning her. He was found guilty at an earlier hearing. He was jailed for two years on both poisoning charges with the sentences to run concurrently.

Crime and Punishment

English "bobby" who always kept his post and is always ready to give you a polite answer, if you ask him how to go That's where or what time it is, really exists. And in order to self-English "bobbies", in contrast to the police in other countries, prefer not to rely on weapons and radios on the device, a gas canister and a telescopic baton.

Their serried ranks adorn every event in the open air and offer participants a pleasant feeling of protection. "Bobby" is always and everywhere at hand - except, as noted by the English themselves in cases where they are really needed you.

British, hoping that their police - is the true knights without fear and reproach, are shocked to the core when the facts made public terrible monstrous cruelty or corruption in the police, even though everyone knows that such cases are the basis for the plot of many fighters who endlessly on TV. But the British are convinced that life should never imitate art!

Official data on the level of crime in the country look quite promising: 4.6% of the adult citizens of England are victims of theft, 2.55% - burglaries and 0.75% - victims of violence, but only 0.01% of the population are victims of murder . On the other hand, every year 1.3 million burglaries committed in one way or another connected with cars - the highest in Europe. The number of unreported crimes is less reassuring.

So, a third of all victims of theft (including with breaking!) And vandalism do not even bother to report on the crime committed, confident that "this is unlikely to be interested in the police" and that "the police are unlikely to be able to do something "and 47% of victims of violence and did state that already" taken care of themselves. "

Ability of the police to deal in a particular crime depends on the case, for example, murder disclosed by 93%, although the total number of solved crimes is only about 26%. There's even a cynical joke, though police all his life and do what they randomly stop hundreds of thousands of cars in the hope of discovering the wheel at least a few people who have too much to drink.

The main focus of the modern British police is to prevent crime, while they, in particular, refer to the successful use of data from cameras located in public places (especially if you do not forget to insert the cassette). Here's a great example: forty shoplifters were arrested in one month in Romford, Essex, while surveillance video cameras did not put an end to the flow of the city of criminal elements. Theft virtually disappeared. What was good for Romford, the bad impact on neighboring Apminstere, which once flowed all romfordskie-store thieves.

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