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Airport formalities

Nowadays almost everybody has been at the airport at least once in their life. As a part of routine people follow a list of airport formalities there. For instance, all passengers are requested to arrive 2 hours before the departure time. There is a long way to go before people actually get on their planes.

At first, passengers should register their tickets at the check-in desk and weigh their luggage. At the same time they have it labeled and sometimes even checked. Generally weight limit for economy-class passengers is 20 kg and for business-class passengers – 30 kg. In case the luggage is excessive, the special fee is assigned. Also each passenger is allowed to have one small carry-on bag, where personal items, documents, a laptop, money and make-up can be kept. The forbidden items in carry-on bags are water, food, weapon and drugs.

The next is the passport control post, where passengers should have their identities checked. Sometimes the officers can ask additional questions. Passengers, who carry excessive money or jewelry, will be asked to fill in the Customs declaration.

After all these formalities people can go to the departure lounge and have a rest, read a newspaper, have a snack or simply shop in Duty-free. When the announcement about your flight is made, you should find the gate number mentioned on your ticket. Formalities may continue on board. Some countries require filling in the Immigration form, which the stewardess will give you. The check-in desk procedure and the passport control are usually repeated after you arrive at your destination.

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